Hemp Leaf Wraps: Tobacco & Nicotine Free

For those that enjoy smokables, there are endless options to choose from for your preferred inhalation method. A recent favorite on the market has been hemp leaf wraps. These are similar to the classic blunt wrap but have unique benefits. In this blog, we’re talking about what is a hemp wrap, how they’re different from […]

Maeng Da Kratom: Meaning, Effects, & More

If you’re just starting research on kratom, or if you’re a new kratom user, you’ve probably heard of Maeng Da Kratom. However, you may not know about the Maeng Da meaning. Maeng Da kratom is highly sought-after for being one of the most potent strains of kratom available. But what makes it so potent? In […]

Bong Water Alternatives: Piece Water

There are lots of bong water alternatives out there. A quick Googling will result in someone telling you cranberry juice is a good idea for this… we’ll let you try that one for yourself. However, if you’re searching for bong water additives to keep clean instead of to add flavor, Piece Water is the solution. […]

Kratom for Energy and Focus

There are lots of reasons you might take kratom. Taking kratom for energy and focus is one of the reasons many people use kratom. However, not all types of kratom are best for energy and focus. There are certain types that will be better suited for someone looking for energy, and certain types that are […]

What Does Kratom Feel Like?

If you’ve never tried kratom, you may be wondering what does kratom feel like? And that’s a valid question! There is tons of information on the web about the history of kratom, how kratom is grown and made, and kratom’s pain-relieving properties. But there’s just not that much info about what kratom ~feels~ like. In […]

Delta 10 Benefits

The cannabis industry has exploded in the last few years with all kinds of new cannabinoids hitting the market. This is partly due to state cannabis laws, and companies and consumers finding ways to enjoy cannabis legally. However, it is also due to the advancing science in the cannabis field and the great strides being […]

What Is THC-JD?

Being a cannabinoid enthusiast today is a tough job, with how many new types are constantly hitting the market. You may have noticed a new one lately, and be wondering what is THC-JD? If so, you’re not alone. This new cannabinoid has only been recently discovered, but it’s a quick customer favorite for its potency. […]