What Are the Positive Effects of Kratom? Kratom Benefits and Effects

Hey, Mr. Nice Guys fam! Today we’re answering what are the positive effects of kratom? If you’re new to kratom and curious about this botanical product, you’ve come to the right place. The list of kratom benefits and effects is a long one — which is why its been in use in traditional medicine practices for centuries. Kratom effects span from relieving pain to fighting anxiety to easing withdrawal from opiates.

What Are the Positive Effects of Kratom?

  1. Relieving pain
  2. Easing withdrawal from opiates
  3. Increasing focus and mental clarity
  4. Aiding with anxiety and mood
  5. Fighting Insomnia

These are the top 5 kratom benefits and effects — let’s get into the details of kratom effects.

Relieving Pain

One of the top reasons our customers turn to kratom effects is to relieve pain. In fact, a Johns Hopkins survey reported that 91% of kratom users listed pain relief as their reason for use. Kratom works to relieve pain in multiple ways.

Kratom fights pain by working like an opiate — but let’s be clear, kratom is not an opiate. It does, however, act very similarly to an opiate once in your body, though. Kratom works by binding to some of the same receptors in your body that opiates do.

Specifically, kratom is a partial mu-opioid receptor agonist. Mu-opioid receptors are responsible for regulating your brain’s perception of pain. This means that when kratom interacts with these receptors, your brain literally becomes partially (or fully, depending on your pain levels) blocked from the perception of the pain you’re experiencing.

Easing Withdrawal from Opiates

Up next on the list of kratom benefits and effects is its ability to ease withdrawal from opiates. Opiates work in a similar way as kratom to block your brain’s perception of your body’s pain. However, opiates are extremely dangerous. In fact, opiate overdose deaths rose almost 30% in 2020.

Not only are opiates the cause of epidemic level death tolls, but they cause withdrawals that are said to make you wish you’d just die. Not a pleasant experience.

And we’re not saying that kratom will make opiate withdrawals pleasant, per se. However, with 41% of kratom users using it to treat opioid dependence, the stuff works.

Opiates are so dangerous because of what happens when they bind to mu-opioid receptor sites. When you take an opiate, it binds to these receptor sites, relieves pain, and generally causes euphoria. However, it also happens to activate the production of the protein beta-arrestin. When too high of a dose of opiates is taken, the production of beta-arrestin causes interference with signaling the diaphragm to work — meaning you can’t breathe. This is the cause of respiratory distress and ultimate death in opioid overdose cases.

Though kratom works on these same receptor sites to produce pain relief, kratom does not activate the production of beta-arrestin. This means that kratom does not cause the respiratory distress that is so common in opioid overdose cases. Meaning kratom is a much safer alternative to these dangerous prescription drugs.

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Increasing Focus and Mental Clarity

Some people take kratom in the morning as some people would drink coffee. This isn’t surprising, given that kratom — or mitragyna speciosa — is an evergreen tree in the coffee family. So it makes sense that increasing focus and mental clarity is one of the kratom benefits and effects on this list.

One of the benefits of kratom working in a similar fashion to opiates is that it releases dopamine in your brain. Dopamine has been found to play a pivotal role in the brain’s ability to focus attention on a specific task. This is why a little bit of kratom in the morning works like a jolt of coffee — releasing a little dopamine and helping you increase your attention where you’d like.

Aiding with Anxiety and Mood

The kratom benefits and effects list goes on with its ability to aid with anxiety and mood. As we said above, kratom is associated with an increase in dopamine. While it might be news that dopamine plays a role in focusing, it’s probably no surprise that dopamine regulates your mood.

While some reports have shown kratom to be effective in anxiety reduction, more research is still necessary on the subject. Anecdotal reports point to the possibility that while kratom may not be a great replacement for regular anxiety medication, it is wonderful for situational anxieties. For example, many users report kratom to be a great replacement for alcohol during a night out because it decreases their social anxieties and improves their mood, all with a clear head that night — and the next morning, too.

Fighting Insomnia

OK, OK — kratom can help you for a fun night out and boost you like coffee in the morning — how in the world can it also be used to fight insomnia? Well, kratom effects are dose-dependent; this means that kratom may have very different effects at different doses.

The morning energy boost we talked about above is associated with very small doses of kratom.

In order to achieve the insomnia-fighting kratom effects, users usually report taking larger doses. These larger kratom doses are what produce its sedative effects. However, as with all new things — Mr. Nice Guys encourages you to start small and take it slow (;

In addition to the dose for sedative effects, users report that different color strains of kratom work differently as well, with red vein kratom strains being the popular choice for falling asleep.

What Are the Positive Effects of Kratom — A Final Word

Whew! You made it! You learned all about what are the positive effects of kratom!

The list of kratom effects and benefits goes on… but we’ll stop there for now.

If you have any more questions about kratom effects come on into any one of our Mr. Nice Guys locations throughout Corpus Christi and talk to our knowledgeable staff to get you started with kratom. And as always, have a nice daze!


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