What Is Shatter? How To Use Delta 8 Shatter and More

Welcome back to the wild world of cannabis! Maybe you’ve read our blogs on live resin, tinctures, or full-spectrum extracts, but today we’re answering the question: what is shatter concentrate? We’ll also cover what does shatter look like, delta 8 shatter, and how to use delta 8 shatter.

What Is Shatter Concentrate?

Shatter is an extract, which is a cannabis concentrate created by breaking down cannabis using solvents. This draws out the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds found in the cannabis plant into a more potent, consumable, and apparently Instagram-able concentrate.

While being widely known for its potency, not all shatter meets this mark. Firstly, there are differences in types of shatter. For those lucky ducks living in cannabis-legal states, there’s access to full-blown THC shatter. In cannabis-illegal states, shatter is available as delta 8 shatter. Even from these two camps — potency levels vary by brand and production levels. Check your labels, folks!

What Does Shatter Look Like?

It is impossible to answer the question of “what is shatter concentrate?” without also answering “what does shatter look like?” In fact, the looks of shatter concentrate have played a large role in its increasing popularity. Plainly — it’s pretty!

Shatter specifically refers to concentrates that have a brittle, almost glass-like texture and will even, you guessed it, shatter or crack as they’re broken up. Typically, shatters range from pale gold to amber in color. This specific texture of shatter is made by the process of extraction.

Next time you visit us, you won’t even have to ask “what is shatter concentrate?” — you can get right to finding the good stuff with the help of our Nice Guys staff.

How Is Shatter Made?

Before we go over how shatter is made — do not attempt to make shatter at home! Or anywhere else! Unless you are a professional working in a lab with all of the appropriate safety gear and precautions, you’ll probably blow yourself up (people have done it! Not successfully made shatter at home, but several folks have successfully blown up their homes trying!).

Shatter is usually made using butane or hydrocarbon solvents. Extracts made with butane are also called BHO, or butane hash oil. Cannabis plant material is loaded into a chamber, and the pressurized solvent passes through it, separating the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other tasty bits from plain ol’ plant matter. From there, a purging process takes place to remove any remnants of the solvent from the final product.

Now, back to that illegal/legal thing. In cannabis-legal areas, this is made with full-on cannabis, and the shatter concentrates created are high in THC. For our cannabis-illegal selves, delta 8 shatter is made from hemp plants. Delta 8 shatter starts with fully federally legal hemp — containing less than 0.3% THC, and undergoes the same processes.

Delta 8 Shatter Products

Mr. Nice Guys carries a couple of different brands of delta 8 shatter products in an array of flavors. With flavors like watermelon skittlez, sour diesel, northern lights, wedding cake, banana runtz, super lemon haze, and strawberry cough, we’ve got tasty treats to suit everyone’s tastes.

How To Use Delta 8 Shatter

There’s no point in picking up some delta 8 shatter if you don’t know how to use delta 8 shatter! Shatter is consumed by vaporizing, either with an electronic dab pen or a full dab rig.

An electronic dab pen will have a heating element to quickly bring the concentrate to its vaporization point. Most of these work by loading the wax into the bowl or chamber of the pen, and pressing some button to heat or pre-heat. Mr. Nice Guys sells options of electronic pens made to handle concentrates, refer to the package details for specifics on your dab pen.

A dab rig is a, often glass, water pipe with a ‘nail,’ ‘banger,’ or other surface that is heated with a torch. From there, you ‘dab’ the shatter onto the hot surface and inhale through the pipe’s water chamber and into your lungs.

What Is Shatter? — A Final Word

Now that you know all about what shatter concentrate is and how to use delta 8 shatter, you’re ready to go forth in the world and find some for yourself! Or, maybe you still have some questions, and that’s okay, too!

Either way, we’ve got 7 Mr. Nice Guys shops in the Corpus Christi area, all staffed with friendly faces ready to help you pick out some delta 8 shatter, understand how a dab rig works, or any other cannabis or product-related questions you might have.


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